How To Get Waves 101

What Are Waves? What Are The Different Type Of Wavers? How Do You Get Waves Fast ? 🧐🌊🔥

If You Want Waves Fast, The Only Way Is To Put That Brush Work In💯 Atleast 2-3 Hours A DAY!


What are waves? Well waves are simply curls stretched out and laid down. Everyones hair curls up at a certain length, if your hair does not curl at all then it will be close to impossible to get waves. Think of it as a slinky. If you take a slinky and fully pull it the curl pattern will straighten which is the same way your curls are with waves. 

Quick tip:

If you work a lot as I do it will be harder but make sure to ALWAYS sleep in a DURAG!! If you can consistently free up time to brush your hair, and always sleep with a Durag then you are guaranteed to get waves 😤


How To Get Flawless 360 Waves! 🤔💡💯🌊

If You Want Flawless 360 Waves, You Have To Put The Work In & Stay Consistent Day In And Day Out ❗️

1.) Never Sleep Without A Durag !! Need A Great Quality Durag? Check Our Website Out In Our Bio For 45+ Different Designer SnagARag’s & Bonnets For Your Girl & Daughter 🔥🔥

2.) You Have To Brush Atleast 2-3 Hours A Day

3.) Make Sure Your Combing Your Hair To Help Connections & Help Keep Your Hair Clean 🔥


How Much Money Do You Need To Get Perfect Waves ? 🤔💡

The Answer Is $0 ! You Don’t Need The Expensive Brushes Or Greases ! All You Have To Do Is.......

1.) Brush Every Day All Day ! A Minimum Of 2 Hours A Day. Break It Up Into 30 Minute Increments

2.) Never ! EVER ! Sleep Without Your Durag.....It’s Like A Wave Sin 😂


How To Wash Your Waves ? 🤔💡

1.) Make sure you comb your hair for 10-15 minutes before showering it will help clean your hair and make it easier to get the roots cleaned.

2.) Pre wash - Hop in the shower and scramble wash for about 3-5 minutes using your choice of shampoo (I recommend  biotin but you don’t need it)

3.) After rinsing your hair take more biotin and go with the grain of your hair and use the shower brush or any brush for 10-15 minutes

4.) Once done brushing DO NOT RINSE YOUR HAIR. Put your SnagARag on and your compression cap (check out @brushking_360wavebrushes for a booboo cap)

5.)After Your Durag is On rinse your head with COLD WATER for about 2 minutes. This will  make sure not to over curl your hair.

6.) Dry your hair and wait approximately 2 hours to check results !!


What products do I recommend ?🤔💡

The #1 product I recommend is the goat drip butter & moisturizer from PB The Goat ✊🏽💯 I am not endorsed by him or his brand but his products are the best all natural products out. It’s not only all natural and hand made, but it holds your hair, helps with dry hair or dandruff, smells great ! And is leaves great shine every time 🔥🔥🔥


Shop With him at & Follow @PB_the_goat_merch.....If you need a Durag to help with holding your hair and the products shop With us at & Use Code “SNAGARAG” For 15% Off ! 🔥🔥🔥🙏🏽🙏🏽


What To Do Before & After A Fresh Cut ? 🤔💡

1.) Make sure to do a wash and style method 2 hours before you get your hair cut

2.) 20-30 minutes before your cut Unrag and make sure to comb your hair to get the best results

3.) After your cut make sure you DO NOT START BRUSHING. Throw on your Durag and give it about a hour

4.) Once your hour is up get 30-45 minute brush session in and apply your normal grease/oils

5.) Continue with your regular routine and brush sessions